These are the tightest nationalities when it comes to tipping (and the most generous)

Wednesday 12 August 2015 16:30

British holidaymakers are among the worst at tipping - but not as bad as the French - a survey of bar and restaurant staff across the world suggests.

A "tipping index" from Direct Line Travel shows that nearly a third of the 105 bars surveyed thought French tourists were the worst, followed by Brits and Italians.

1. French 30%

2. British 21%

3. Italians 11%

At the other end of the scale, American tourists were found to be the most generous tippers followed by Germans and Italians:

1. American 27%

2. German 21%

3. Russian 16%

4. Italian 7%

5. British 6%

6. French 6%

7. Argentinian 2%

8. Lebanese 2%

9. Spanish 2%

10. Irish 2%

Note: There are only three countries in the first list due to the remaining countries being named so few times.

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