These are the UK's top ten most attractive jobs when looking for a date

Wednesday 24 June 2015 16:00

All those hospital TV shows have clearly worked havoc on our imaginations - dating site has found that overall, medicine is the most attractive career when people are sizing up a potential date. looked at data from all its (heterosexual) UK users to find four per cent of singles are holding out for people working in medicine to sweep them off their feet, with that number rising to six percent for women.

Men are also looking for partners they can learn from, with five per cent saying they'd like to take a teacher or a professor on a date.

There's bad news down at the fire station, though: contrary to the stereotype only 0.2 per cent of women said a fire-fighting partner would get them hot under the collar.'s data also found that men are almost as interested in dating a model (1.95 per cent) as a woman who works in construction (1.91 per cent).

The top 10 professions that women are attracted to in men:

  1. Medical/dental/veterinary (6%)
  2. Legal (6%)
  3. Teacher/professor (5%)
  4. Financial services (5%)
  5. Technical/computers/engineering (5%)
  6. Executive/management (5%)
  7. Self-employed (4%)
  8. Sales/marketing (4%)
  9. Political/government/civil service/military (4%)
  10. Advertising/media (4%)

The top 10 professions that men are attracted to in women:

  1. Teacher/Professor (5%)
  2. Administrative/Secretarial (5%)
  3. Medical/Dental/Veterinary (5%)
  4. Sales/Marketing (4%)
  5. Financial Services (4%)
  6. Legal (4%)
  7. Travel/Hospitality/Transportation (4%)
  8. Technical/Computers/Engineering (4%)
  9. Advertising/Media (3%)
  10. Political/Government/Civil service/Military (3%)

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