These hilarious post-it note cartoons sum up life as an adult perfectly

Joe Vesey-Byrne
Monday 25 April 2016 16:30

Artist Charles Hutton will in turns delight and terrify you with his all too relatable drawings on post-its.

His graphs and cartoons are simple but brilliant takes that sum up the struggles of adulthood we've all felt at some point. Just take a look.

“Follow your dreams!” they said, “Do the degree you want!” they said. “It’ll all work out fine!"


The struggle is so, so real.


Chaz teaches us the reality of “luxury studio apartment”


This one sees into all of our souls


Simple joys


All too real


Willing to accept ANY terms and conditions for this


Damn you girdle! Hold! Hold!


This is horrifically accurate


indy100 caught up with Hutton to find more about his drawings. On how it all began, he explained:

The primordial beginnings of it all began in a WhatsApp group with some close mates, to whom I'd fire off a drawing every now and again, usually based around a little in-joke…[now] it's evolved into a barely manageable behemoth which now demands most of my time.

And on his loyal fan base:

People send me their own versions of post-it drawings, people send in photos of their dogs, and just yesterday someone sent me in a cross-stitch version of one of the drawings - really great stuff.

You can see more of his posts on his Instagram account Insta-Chaz, and in a new book that you can pre-order on Amazon here.

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