These mathematical gifs are as hypnotic as they are beautiful

Dina Rickman@dinarickman
Wednesday 03 September 2014 16:40

These captivating geometric gifs were created by Dublin-based PhD student Dave Whyte using the programming language Processing.

Although Mr Whyte's day job involves studying the physics of foam he told i100 he thinks of himself as "both a physicist and artist". And while we're describing the gifs - made using motion geometry - as mathematical, Mr Whyte said people could disagree.

"What I do has maths in it for sure, but I think purists might not agree since there's a lot of creative input on my part," he said.

He has posted a how to guide to making the gifs here and updates his blog beesandbombs almost daily.


Rainbow spinners

Spinning dots

Twisting circle

Hexagon wave

All images courtesy of Dave Whyte

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