These Pokémon have a kind-of-NSFW secret

Louis Dor
Friday 27 November 2015 15:10
(Pictures: The Pokémon Company

Warning: If you have never played Pokémon then there is nothing for you here.

If you played the Red, Blue or Yellow versions, surely you will remember the fighting-type Pokémon Machop, Machoke and Machamp?

Machop was memorable as the first fighting-type available, a gem usually scavenged in Mt. Moon amid a sea of Zubats and traumatised trainers.

What a little champ. Low KICK.

Then, when it hit level 28, it became Machoke, it's significantly more badass evolution.

And if you were lucky enough to have any friends who also played, you could trade to get Machamp, which had twice the arms and was therefore twice as good.

What you'll notice about the evolutions, is that they both wear a belt. This is called a power-save belt.

As a Pokédex entry for Machoke explains:

A belt is worn by a Machoke to keep its overwhelming power under control. Because it is so dangerous, no one has ever removed the belt.

What you may not know, is that the belt is the only clothing that both Pokémon wear.

Today on an official Pokémon website, it was revealed that the underwear the Pokémon appear to wear, aren't clothes. They are simply markings.

So really, they should look like this.

Professor Oak is reportedly looking for a new line of work.

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