This 7-year-old girl wrote a cold-blooded 'break-up' letter to her own mother

Evan Bartlett@ev_bartlett
Friday 20 May 2016 11:00

Sometimes it's best to just be honest. That's clearly what 7-year-old Eva decided as she told her mother that, while it'd been a good run, it was time to call the relationship off.

It starts warmly enough:

I love you mommy becuse you let me wacth tv.

But then she delivers the ice-cold words no one wants to hear...

It's ben nice with you but soon I will have to move on.

I will call you.

It does get clouded slightly clouded by the fact that Eva says...

You are the best mom Ever!

Worst of all, though, it then transpires that it's her mother's birthday, as she wrote in the caption:

I turned 30 and she leaves me. Ouch.

We've dropped SuperKT a line to see how she's coping

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