This bear break-in attempt produced the best photo

Louis Dor
Monday 17 August 2015 18:00

A bear which repeatedly tried to break into an Idaho home was photographed by the owner - as it poked its head through the cat flap.

Doug Harder, who lives in Sandpoint, Idaho, managed to snap a quick portrait of the ursine burglar on the night of 13 August.

Mr Harder said he had heard noises at his front door and subsequently realised the bear was trying to get through the cat flap.

He managed to take the photo in the brief moments the bear poked its head through, before it gave up its break-in attempt and left the house alone.

News channel KREM in Spokane, Washington reports that the bear had been standing on his deck in the morning, trying to find a way into the property, before returning to the front of the house in the evening.

Mr Harder had returned from a holiday the previous day to find that a bear had broken in through an open door, eaten some food and defecated on the carpet.

He claims his home is a hotspot, as he first noticed bears on his property in May when they climbed to his second floor deck to eat birdseed.


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