This bookcase hides a beautiful secret

Louis Dor
Sunday 23 August 2015 10:30

Conor Chambers is a mechanical engineer from Kentucky in the US with a passion for big DIY projects.

One of the 26-year-old's recent projects recently went big on Imgur, with more than a million views.

Because there's something quite lovely hidden behind this bookcase...

... a beautiful, lovingly-crafted smoking lounge.

The man from Louisville, aka Reddit user BaconJacobs, told he shared his pictures to

inspire people and show them what is possible when you set your vision and determination on a passion project.

I am not a carpenter or cabinet builder, just a guy who has spent the last 3 years renovating my basement and left this project as one of the last.

Conor says his three years of work on various projects around his house honed his woodwork skills, providing valuable experience for the work required in the smoking lounge.

He also says that learning the balance between perfection and "good enough" was key.

The room I built is not perfect by any means, but it is good enough for what I need - so why does it need to be any better?

When I bought the house, the room was just a dark, dirty room with no light and still had soot on the floor from the coal that used to be stored there when the house was coal-heated.

I had this room staring at me, unused for almost two and a half years when I decided it was time to just get it done.

Building a secret room is one of those projects that people dream about their whole lives but rarely get the chance to make reality.

I knew I had to because I could, because I had the means and opportunity, because then I'd be literally living my dream. I try to never baulk at the chance to do that!

Conor says he approaches his projects with a distinct vision of what we wants to achieve.

My lounge theme was based on a narrative that I made up in my head: that my house is much older than it actually is, and the room was built around the turn of the century (the 1899 to 1900 one of course).

Since the room has been secret since that time, the furniture has never been updated.

I chose lamps that look like oil lamps of the past and not even electric ones of an early era.

Conor says the project took around six months to achieve with breaks. He says he always tries to find a reason to enjoy a glass of whiskey and a book in the lounge and relaxes by making a conscious effort not to use electronics while there.

The first time I put the chairs inside and finally sat down with a glass of bourbon, I was bursting with pride that I hadn't felt completing any previous projects.

It's also funny how natural having the lounge has become - 'Oh I forgot that thing in the lounge, let me just open up the bookcase to get in there'.

I have to thank my wife for her continual support of my projects and letting me spend precious time during our first year of being married together on accomplishing these things!

With thanks to Conor for showing us, and talking to us about, his project.

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