This Canadian street art is just fantastic

Dina Rickman@dinarickman
Thursday 01 January 2015 09:00

A'shop is an artist-run Canadian group who specialise in graffiti.

The group took through their favourite pieces of work, explaining what characterises all of them is "we were free to do what we wanted".

"We are very inspired by various sources since we are a diverse bunch, some of us are Norman Rockwell fans, others draw from 50's style advertisement. We like to blend and mesh different sources to create something new and unique that speaks with the voice of A'shop," the group's Gavin MacGregor said.

Here is a selection of those pieces, and some other incredible murals by the group.

Our Lady Of Grace mural

This is their favourite piece of all time, and it was inspired by the visual style of Art Nouveau championed by Alphonse Mucha.

53 foot trucks

The group's favourite work from this year were the murals on these two 53-foot trucks, made for an event in Quebec in 2014.


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