This comic turns online comments by men into Jane Austen-inspired art

Dina Rickman@dinarickman
Wednesday 22 October 2014 16:00

Introducing your new favourite webcomic: Mansfeels Park.

Updated weekly, it illustrates comments from the type of online lurker who regularly uses the rejoinder "not all men" in the style of classic scenes from Pride and Prejudice. The name of the comic is a pun on Jane Austen's third novel, Mansfield Park.

As Morag and Erin, the duo behind it explain, explain: "Artistic license is exercised in editing commentary for brevity, spelling and grammar, but the spirit of the original comment is always faithfully observed."

Make your choices


Mea Culpa

Twitter conversation from Jessica Fleenor



Guardian comment

God's plan

All images courtesy of Manfeels Park/Morag & Erin.

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