This council is DNA testing dog poo to shame owners who don't pick it up

Nick Reilly@NickJWReilly
Monday 25 January 2016 09:30

Few things are as day-ruining as the moment you realise you've trodden in dog poo.

But Barking and Dagenham council have come up with the ultimate way to tackle this.

It's set to roll out DNA testing on leftover poo - which will then be compared against a database of the borough's dogs to see just who is responsible.

At present the database is entirely optional but microchipping will be made compulsory by April, with the council vowing to "get tough" on regular offenders.

Barking and Dagenham councillor Darren Rodwell said:

This scheme, which is in response to concerns raised by our residents, is about bringing considerate owners on board with us now, enabling us to gather evidence so we can get tough on inconsiderate owners later

Dog owners, you have been warned.

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