This dog has really bad eyesight, so vets prescribed him 'doggles'

Joe Vesey-Byrne
Wednesday 05 October 2016 14:00
Picture:(Madison Berglund/Twitter)

This dog has become an internet sensation for modelling stylish eyewear, and teaching the world that 'doggles' (goggles for dogs) exist.

Jax, a dog from Austin, Texas, suffers with glaucoma and cataracts, which makes it difficult for him to see when he's outside.

His owner Madison Berglund recently tweeted some photos of the 'doggles' that his vet recommended.

They've since gone viral, and you can see why. This is a pooch who knows how to flaunt it.

So elegant

Picture: Madison Berglund/Twitter(Madison Berglund/Twitter)

Such grace

Picture: Madison Berglund/Twitter(Madison Berglund/Twitter)

Much charm and poise

Picture: Madison Berglund/Twitter(Madison Berglund/Twitter)

Speaking to indy100, Berglund explained that Jax also has some other conditions and affectionately called him a "high maintenance dog".

Let's hope the fame hasn't made Jax into a diva.

Berglund explained that Jax doesn't wear them all the time, just during the day.

Besides giving him eyedrops which we do daily! Because of his eyes, he has a really hard time seeing in the daytime, he can see a lot better at night so that's typically when we walk him so he doesn't run into things.

The original images on Berglund's Twitter have been shared over 5,000 times, and on another account over 26,000 times.

Presumably the night time walks will also help Jax avoid his new fandom.

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