This family let strangers on the internet control their Christmas lights

Ellen Stewart
Sunday 20 December 2015 13:10

You'd be forgiven for totally forgetting it's Christmas. But it is.

One American family is wishing everyone Season's Greetings, Happy Holidays etc. etc. with a light show controlled by randoms on the internet. Yes, even you.

Jon Woods, an IT professional from Alaska, has rigged up a selection of remote controlled lights to the front of his house and asked strangers online to turn them on and off at their will.

He notes:

You would not believe the number of people who sit for hours and turn the lights off and on.

This year marks the sixth in a row where Jon and his family have allowed others total control over their festive display via a specially designed website.

While the site itself is pretty basic, you can see the results for yourself on YouTube...

H/T ABC News

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