This guy got so tired of people asking about his height that he printed business cards

Joe Vesey-Byrne
Friday 07 October 2016 14:45

There seems to be a weird resurgence in business cards. People keep using them to put an end to questions they're tired of hearing.


In early October, one Vulcanologist got sick of all the Mr Spock jokes, so he had some business cards printed to confirm that 'yes, I have heard that joke before'.

On Wednesday one Twitter user broke news of another poor soul who had resorted to this outdated form of introduction.

'Shawty', whose Twitter handle is @mammaheffa and real name is Heather, is a high school student, who was paired with Logan to work on a project for their civics class.

Logan is 6' 7", and Heather asked him about his height.

Logan responded with this business card:

His business cards read:

Yes, I am tall. You're very observant for noticing. 6 ft 7 in (Yes, Really). No I don't play basketball. The weather is perfect up here. I'm so glad we had this conversation

To show the disparity between Logan's height, and her own 5' Heather tweeted this image of the two stood side by side.

According to NY Mag, Logan bought 100 of the cards for $10 (USD) after seeing them on iFunny.

In a despicable twist, it turns out Logan DID play basketball for a few years.


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