This job advert will make you want to hand in your resignation immediately

Evan Bartlett@ev_bartlett
Monday 03 November 2014 18:30
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Tl;dr - Kitten cuddlers wanted

An animal shelter on Tyneside has put out a job advert asking for volunteers to come in and cuddle kittens, after an influx in recent months.

The Westgate Ark shelter says they need people to come in and socialise and play with the kittens in order to help them to be re-homed.

Many of the feral cats either come in with kittens or are pregnant. To re-home them we have to socialise them and this is easier if they are kittens.

  • Paul Black, Westgate Ark

According to the Evening Chronicle, people are being urged to pop along to the centre to spend an hour or two playing with, stroking and cuddling the tiny kittens.

The centre will also be holding an open weekend over the Christmas period where volunteers will be given a free mince pie and a glass of sherry or mulled wine.

Free alcohol + kittens = hands in resignation.

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