This man is trying to fight feminism by decrying the 'trouser tax' on men

Evan Bartlett@ev_bartlett
Wednesday 10 June 2015 14:40

Today in ill-conceived arguments against equality, one blogger has decried the proposal to abolish the tax on female sanitary products because there are plenty of things that are oppressing men, like the unfair "man tax" on... trousers.

Channel 4's Jon Snow asked people on Twitter to donate to a campaign that is hoping to break the taboo about menstruation.

Snow appeared to conflate the campaign with a separate one calling for the abolition of the so-called 'Tampon Tax'. Which is where Bruce Everiss stepped in:

Despite widespread mockery on Twitter and the fact that the hashtag #TrouserTax began to trend, Everiss maintained his argument suggesting that VAT paid on beer is a clear example of an unfair tax on men as well.

Tampons are currently subject to a reduced 5 per cent rate, although many argue this should be removed altogether.

While there is obviously little-to-no logic in his argument, we think he's trying to argue that, because trousers are a necessity of sorts, clothes should not be subject to the full 20 per cent rate of VAT.

Although he's obviously ruined that line of reasoning by the suggestion that beer is also a necessity of life, and one that is exclusive to men.

Sorry to break it to you Brucie, but women wear trousers and drink beer too.

HT Andy Dawson

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