This video shows how to make 'unlimited' chocolate, and people on Facebook are going wild

Louis Dor
Tuesday 03 May 2016 18:00

So there's this video going round Facebook which purports to have discovered a method of cutting a chocolate bar, to make an endless supply of the goodness.

Watch it here:

It's had over 25m views and people are completely losing all control of themselves.

They shouldn't be though.

Sadly, the video lies, because volume doesn't work like that, and also because of a trick with geometry.

We've covered the missing square puzzle before, and it works along these same lines...

...that the displacement of volume caused by changes in angles along cuts in a shape, can make up for the displacement of a sizeable portion - at least to the not-discerning human eye.

So, sadly, unlimited chocolate is a lie - by this method at least, we're not willing to give up on science yet.

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