The British government has made a complete mockery of democracy this week

Evan Bartlett@ev_bartlett
Friday 06 May 2016 13:10

Thousands of people across the country have executed their right to vote, but in a dark day for democracy the will of the British people has been overruled.

As election results for the Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly, local councils and the London mayoral race trickled in on Friday morning, the British government overruled perhaps the most important one of all.

That's right, despite an overwhelming majority of people opting for "RSS Boaty McBoatface", it has been announced that Britain's new £200m polar research vessel will instead be named "RSS David Attenborough".

It's a sad day

  • RRS Boaty McBoatface - 124,109
  • RRS Poppy-Mai - 34,371
  • RRS Henry Worsley - 15,231
  • RRS It's Bloody Cold Here - 10,679
  • RRS David Attenborough - 10,284

While "Boaty" will live on in the form of this submarine

People are still unhappy

The revolution is probably nigh

People are plotting to overthrow the government

There's only one thing for it...

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