When this woman got an unsolicited d**k pic she sent it straight to the man's grandmother

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Thursday 22 March 2018 08:15
Picture:(tamitxgrl/ screengrab )

Altogether now: Do not send women unsolicited d**k pics.

Not only are they gross, but if you haven’t explicitly been asked to provide one, the recipient of your awkwardly angled, explicit mirror selfie will only get your number blocked – if you’re lucky.

One woman posted online that she had received a seemingly innocuous message from a man who used to share a few classes with her in high school.

After some small talk about what he was studying in university (criminology) and whether she was interested in going out with him romantically (no), he thought it was appropriate to send her a picture of his penis.

No, it's not appropriate.

When she expressed shock, he told her that her politeness and repeatedly saying she wasn’t interested in him, were actually acts of coyness rather than genuine rejections.


The girl said she then found his grandmother in Facebook, and sent her the entire string of messages.

Here they are:

Lesson learned.

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