Man tries to use a PowerPoint to organise a Tinder date. It goes terribly

Joe Vesey-Byrne
Wednesday 02 August 2017 11:15
Picture:(@velzzb / Twitter / Instagram )

The things we do for love.

BV 'Ben' on Twitter recently shared a story of the perils of dating in the big city.

Ben said he was asked on a date by Tindr match Tom, who also asked him for some ideas some ideas for where the two pair could go.

Being an organised fellow, Ben says he replied with a PowerPoint.

And Tom's response was:

Ben then proceeded to share the PowerPoint slides, so we can all bask in the date that 'could have been'.

Suggestions for dates included junkyard golf, a late night museum trip, and the Millennium dome.

Thoroughness is sexy. We all know this.

With each suggestion, he also provided a measured analysis of the pros and cons of each date.

For instance, for junkyard golf Ben said:


  • I am really at it so I can show off...



  • It's on Brick lane so there's a lot of w**kers

In conclusion, Ben wrote:

The aforementioned options are just that, options. If you just want to go for a drink at a pub I am with that too - but I thought it be nice to suggest something more fun and fulfilling.

If you have any suggestions I am willing to consider them too

I look forward to hearing back from you soon.


As Tom, the recipient, blocked him, we'll never know how things could have turned out at the Sir John Soane's Museum.

However, Ben did hear from the makers of PowerPoint, Microsoft Office.

Someone, somewhere, will appreciate an organised presentation with visual aids.

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