This ingenious formula generates a 'Tory name' for anyone who tries it. What's yours?

Louis Staples
Sunday 08 December 2019 12:45
Image:(GETTY / Twitter)

Elections are usually full of tense, fractious debates about the future of the country.

But amongst all the talk of spending figures, Brexit positions and the difference between “new” and “more” nurses (no, we don’t get it either) it’s good that there’s still a tiny amount of comic relief going around.

Twitter user @officialgham has posted a hilarious formula that generates a “Tory name” for anyone who tries it.

The formula combines the surname of a person’s primary school teacher, with the name of the street they grew up in and the name of the park they live closest to.

The example Graham gives is “Sinclair Espedair-Robertson”.

Of course you can never tell whether someone is a Tory by their name. After all, it's just a bit of fun and names are no more of an indicator of political allegiance than any other factor. But that hasn't stopped lots of people from trying the method out.

On Twitter, people tried the formula for themselves and posting the results.

So, what's your "Tory name"?

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