Trump's hair appears to dance to orchestra music in bizarre clip

Sophia Ankel
Friday 07 June 2019 13:00

When you think about it, President Trump really is nothing without his hair.

Whether ruffled up by the wind or slicked back in a rare appearance, there's is just something about it that's quite mesmerising. Is it as fake as his tan? Is it actually a weave? A wig?

And while we ponder about Trump's bizarre mop, there is no doubt that it at least makes for great comedy. And now, in a special international appearance, the president's hair is back and as funny as ever.

During Trump's D-Day visit in France this week, his hair was seen taking on a life of its own as it "danced" along to accompanying orchestra music, making for a hilarious moment.

The moment wasn't unnoticed either, as people flocked to Twitter to speculate about the magical workings of Trump's infamous mop of hair.

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