Ukip voters are the least likely to change their underpants

Joe Vesey-Byrne
Friday 25 November 2016 15:00

Politics is a dirty game.

Literally. It's dirty. Polling by YouGov has revealed that Ukip voters are the most likely to be wearing unwashed pants.

The survey conducted between 15-16 November asked participants how many times they'd wear a pair of undies before giving them a wash.

Ukippers were the most likely to wash their underwear the least amount of times between wearing them.

The most fastidious were the Liberal Democrats.

The data was put together by Statista below.


Roughly one per cent of Ukip voters admitted to wearing a pair of pants more than 10 times (!!) without washing them.

Nine per cent of Ukippers, and sizeable amounts from the three main parties, gave the response 'Not applicable'.

Freedom from EU regulations in our trousers! Freedom to dress ourselves! Freedom to go commando!

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