This map will change the way you think about immigration in Europe

Jessica Brown@Jessica_E_Brown
Friday 25 November 2016 12:15
(Jakub Marian)

Immigration has been a particularly hot topic since the EU referendum campaign.

For this reason, it's often talked about in a negative (and often inaccurate) light. As an antidote to that, this map just shows us the facts, based on statistics from a UN report.

Here’s what immigration looks like in countries across Europe on a map according to the most common countries people emigrate from.

Picture:(Jakub Marian)

The map shows that the most common country of origin of foreign-born people in the UK is India.

  • In Norway, it’s Poland.
  • In Sweden, it’s Finland.
  • In Denmark, it’s Germany.
  • In Germany, it’s Poland.
  • In France, it’s Algeria.
  • In Spain, it’s Morocco.
  • In Italy, it’s Romania.

The only place where Brits make up the biggest proportion of immigrants is Ireland.

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