How the world reacted to United Airlines throwing a passenger off their plane

Jessica Brown@Jessica_E_Brown
Tuesday 11 April 2017 09:30

A man was seemingly left with a bloodied face after being forced off an overbooked United Airlines flight he’d paid for.

The airline first asked passengers if they wanted to volunteer to leave the plane, because they had overbooked. But when not enough passengers did, a member of staff announced a computer would randomly pick someone.

And when the man who was chosen refused, he was dragged off the plane by security and an air marshal.

As video of the horrible moment spread around the internet the entire world shared their anger at the airline's actions.

There were, of course, some people making jokes at the airline's and man's expense:

And some really, really unfunny jokes:

People have also, very helpfully, been coming up with suggestions for the airline's new motto:

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