A US football team let people suggest their new name, and it's going horribly wrong

Jessica Brown@Jessica_E_Brown
Wednesday 29 March 2017 10:00

We all remember the Boaty Mc Boat Face debacle. How could we ever forget?

But it turns out some people didn’t learn any lessons.

A new football team in San Diego wants help with picking its name, and put it out to the public vote.

The team has had more than 1,000 votes as fans chose their favourite name.

Among the options are San Diego Bolts, San Diego AFC and San Diego Riptide.

So far, so safe. But one of the options is Footy McFooty Face.

Picture: Facebook(Facebook)

Sadly, the votes have now closed, but it doesn't look like your favourite name is going to need your help.

Footy McFooty Face was taking the lead with a whopping 7,700 votes at the beginning of this week, according to NPR.

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