Wedding planners are revealing their biggest dramas and it's worse than you could even imagine

Louis Dor
Thursday 14 December 2017 13:30
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Weddings are stressful.

You've planned for months, maybe years, for a day to declare yourself for another person, which is culturally ingrained as 'the happiest day of your life'.

Nothing is meant to go wrong. But what if it does? And badly, too.

Films have been based on this very premise, but there's something far more appealing about real-life drama.

With that in mind, Reddit users have been sharing their worst experiences while working at a wedding.

There are some absolute gems:

1. They may have missed the point of the wedding:

2. A mother/daughter fracas:

3. The DJ gets fired:

4. In fact, the DJs are often the victims of a lot of aggression:

5. An unwelcome guest:

6. Cold feet or just nerves?

7. A selection of tales for you:

8. Don't speak for longer than is interesting:

9. Family tensions:

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