What do you see in this picture? The answer says a lot about your personality

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Monday 19 September 2016 12:00
(Picture: Wiki Commons)

An illustration – which is over 100 years old - might be able to tell you how creative you are.

The illustration first appeared in German humour magazine Die Fliegenden Blatter in 1892 with the heading ‘Rabbit and Duck.’

Which do you see, a rabbit or a duck?

Most people can see the duck, but have some trouble with the rabbit.

Picture: Wiki Commons(Picture: Wiki Commons)

Here's a clue:

The duck's beaks are also the rabbit's ears.

Picture: Wiki Commons(Picture: Wiki Commons)

Philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein used the image in his theory about ambiguous figures – the idea that an image can be seen, and therefore understood in two different ways.

A recent test for gauging one's level of creativity was devised using the image.

Participants were first given everyday objects and told to list as many uses for them (both conventional and unconventional) as they could in two minutes.

The same people were then shown the rabbit/duck image and asked which they could see, and if they could see both, and how long it took them to flip between the two photos.

The researchers found that those who could flip between the two image quickest were also the ones who found, on average three more uses for the everyday objects than those who found it difficult to move between the two.

Results suggest that the quicker you can move between the rabbit and the duck, the more creative you are.

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