What superheroes would look like if they were born in the 16th century

Dina Rickman@dinarickman
Tuesday 18 November 2014 14:20

Sacha Goldberger is the French artist who dressed up his 91-year-old grandmother Frederika as a superhero to lift her spirits.

His new photographic exhibition, Super-Flamands or Super Flemish, also has a superhero theme. The work, which was exhibited at the School Gallery Paris earlier this month, imagines how super heroes would have looked if they were born in the 16th century and were the subjects of classical Flemish paintings.

"As science fiction meets history of art, time meets an inexhaustible desire for mythology which is within each of us," a forward to the project explains.

More than 110 people participated in the project, including five costume designers, seven make up artists, five hairdressers and 60 actors.

The heroes (and villains!) portrayed include Wonder Woman, Yoda, the Hulk, Joker and Spider-Man. Our favourite images are reproduced below:

All images copyright Sacha Goldberger and used with permission.

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