Where's Nigel? Ukip leader immortalised in Where's Wally-style comic book

Where's Nigel? Can you spot him in his natural habitat?

Despite his other associations with purple, Nigel Farage could hardly be described as a shrinking violet.

In fact, of all politicians in the UK, particularly for one who isn't even an MP, the Ukip leader has an extraordinary knack of being in your face, all of the time. Until now.

A new book titled Where's Nigel?, lending from the famous Where's Wally? books, challenges readers to find the Ukip leader in a series of crowded scenes replete with running jokes and references to some of his historical gaffes.

That means you can find him in his natural habitat down the pub (above), stuck in a traffic jam on the M4 or among hordes of breastfeeding women - but always (always) with a pint of bitter in one hand and his purple rosette proudly displayed on his chest.

Readers can also find a host of other famous political faces, including South Thanet Fukp rival Al Murray, Labour leader Ed Miliband and the man who once brandished him a poundshop Enoch Powell - Russell Brand.

Can you spot Nigel in each of the scenes? Let us know where he is in the comments below...

At Downing Street

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On the M4

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At Notting Hill carnival

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Where's Nigel? is published by HarperCollins and will be available on Amazon from 23 April.

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