All the places in the US where you can legally buy a kangaroo, mapped

Joanna Taylor
Tuesday 17 November 2020 16:15

Do you live in the United States? Do you want to own a pet kangaroo?

If you answered yes to these questions, you just might be in luck.

Because in 13 different states, you can!

Kangaroo ownership is legal with a permit in Washington, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maine and New Jersey.

It's totally legal, even without a permit, in Wisconsin, West Virginia and South Carolina.

This handy guide maps it out.

And seriously delighted some people.

Perhaps this explains the strange phenomenon of the 'phantom kangaroo'?

Either way, kangaroos are pretty big – they can grow up to 8ft (2.4m) – so we suggest you think very carefully before deciding to become the Kangaroo King.