Why Labour deleted this photo of leader Jeremy Corbyn from its pro-EU website

Bethan McKernan@mck_beth
Thursday 23 June 2016 17:00

In the midst of the EU referendum buzz on Thursday morning, Jeremy Corbyn, as ever, managed to cause a kerfuffle.

It came to the Twittersphere's attention that there was something amiss with a picture of the Labour leader on the homepage of the Labour In website.

There's nothing to see at first glance. But at least one sharp-eyed visitor noticed that Corbyn is wearing one of his famous vests in the picture accompanying the Remain plug, with some kind of print on it:

There is plainly a figure holding a banner which can be seen through Corbyn's shirt - and initially it was thought to be the Cuban flag (see below).

Accidentally broadcasting what looks like a socialist emblem is probably not quite on brand for a party struggling to convince voters it still represents the centre left.

It turns out, though, that the symbol is actually that of the West Papuan independence movement, the disputed territory administrated by Indonesia.

Incidentally, West Papua looks like it may finally be getting its own independence referendum soon. Jeremy Corbyn said of the region last month:

Essentially what we’re looking at is a group of people who did not enjoy their rights during a period of decolonisation, did not enjoy the rights bestowed to them by the UN charter and by the statutes on decolonisation.

As a member of parliament I support them, as a member of this group and as a former vice-chair of the all-party human rights group.

Picture: Free West Papua Campaign

The picture of Corbyn has since disappeared from the Labour Remain campaign website.

When indy100 contacted them for comment the Labour party press team said "Hasta la victoria siempre!" no comment.

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