Why you should never attempt a face swap with the Hulk

Tuesday 07 June 2016 12:00
Picture: ZaganOstia/Imgur

Faceswapping is fun, partly why we've done it so much.


A man from the internet decided to upload his faceswapped selfie with 'the Hulk' on the r/funny subreddit.

It appears ZaganOstia's selfie, taken in an Acme supermarket in the US, didn't quite go to plan.

As many pointed out, it brought up memories of the thumb-thumb guards in the early noughties movie Spy Kids.

Either way, the reaction was pretty unanimous:

One commenter perhaps summed it up best:

Do not show this to Stephen Moffat.

Maybe David Cameron would have had a bit more positional luck.

Or Arsenal Leicester goal-machine and Euro 2016 national treasure/red-carded villain (delete as applicable after tournament) Jamie Vardy.

What a time to be a gamma-radiated monstrosity.

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