The woman who 'threatened' to abort her child for retweets was joking

Joe Vesey-Byrne
Tuesday 29 August 2017 11:15
Picture:(@Saipanting/Twitter screengrab)

An internet prank went viral on Thursday when a woman posted a photo of herself.

The caption read:

4 months pregnant. 4k RTs & I won't abort it.

The post shocked and appalled users who took the 'threat' seriously.

What was already a high stakes drama escalated when a man claiming to be the father got involved in the Twitter thread.

Twitter users called 'bullsh*t' on the original post, and on the beef between @Saipanting and the supposed father 'King Nathan VI'.

Seven hours after the first post, she suggested it was a prank.

Local twitter is trash.

Y'all take everything serious lmao ain't got no type of humor [sic].

@Saipanting's Twitter account has only existed since April and her location is currently set to 'hell'.

Most of her posts appear to be done in jest, such as this joke about being a single 'parent'.

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