This woman has to wear medical leads on her head and its turned her niece into a meme

Jessica Brown@Jessica_E_Brown
Saturday 17 June 2017 10:00
Picture:(@Jorrdyyyy / Twitter)

Twitter user @Jorrdyyyy had to have leads attached to her head for a few days, but her niece’s reaction has had people very entertained.

Jordy had to wear EEG leads - which monitor electrical changes in the brain over a period of time:

She tweeted that her niece “had yet to become adjusted,” to her new, temporary look, and shared these hilarious photos.

Here she is looking suspicious:

Picture: Twitter / @Jorrdyyyy (Twitter / @Jorrdyyyy)

And even more suspicious....

Picture: Twitter / @Jorrdyyyy (Twitter / @Jorrdyyyy)

And again, very suspicious:

Picture: Twitter / @Jorrdyyyy  (Twitter / @Jorrdyyyy)

It's safe to say her niece is now a meme:

Other people also shared their pics of EEG tests.

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