Why men will never understand what it's like to be female, in one perfect tweet

Jessica Brown@Jessica_E_Brown
Saturday 07 October 2017 08:30
Picture:(Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

One woman has summed up exactly why men will never fully understand what it’s like to be female.

Actress and all round legend Brie Larson recently tweeted an experience going through customs and interacting with a Transportation Security Administration official:

I merely smiled at a TSA agent and he asked for me phone number. To live life as a woman is to live life on the defense.

It was an important point to make and was generally received well by all.

In response to Brie's experience, Amelia Ghoulpin shared her own experience at customs:

I once had a TSA agent tell, me he was memorising my address on my ID so he could send me flowers.

Then, another Twitter user decided to get involved. He tweeted:

Oh no, not flowers. How awful.

Picture: Twitter / EntirelyAmelia(Twitter / EntirelyAmelia)

She retweeted his tweet and wrote:

Men like this think flowers are the problem and conveniently skip over the part where a stranger in a position of power is taking my address.

He replied:

Now let’s watch how many women (and other genders) agree with me

And Amelia said:

Then you’ll have no problem proving your point by sending your address over

And the man's response?

Are you threatening me with violence?

Picture: Twitter / EntirelyAmelia(Twitter / EntirelyAmelia)

Whether he was joking or not, we will never know. But the conversation does raise an important point.

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