Woman has $24.5 million transferred into her bank account after banking error

Jack Webb@JackWebb92
Sunday 29 October 2017 10:30
Picture:(Claire Wainwright/Facebook screengrab)

An Australian woman woke up to find $24.5 million (£14 million) in her bank account following a pretty massive banking error.

Clare Wainwright, a lawyer, must've had quite the shock when she routinely looked at her banking app to see a sizeable injection of cash in her account earlier this week.

This whole situation started in September when her bank sent her a letter about making mortgage repayments with direct debit. Fine, right? Not fine. The bank stated that it would be taking monthly repayments of a whopping £25,102,107 which was the wrong sum entirely - the actual figure that should have been taken, according to news.com.au, was $2,500.

The staggering payment was requested by National Australia Bank (NAB) and taken from her account on the 25th October which left it massively overdrawn.

The amount was then refunded to her and is still in her account, despite her flagging the error with the banks involved. It seems instead of bringing her account back to whatever amount it should have been after her mortgage payment, they credited her the full payment back - all this being money she did not originally have.

When asked why she hadn't begun spending the money, Claire told Fairfax Media it was down to her legal training teaching her that no good would come of that.

I'm a lawyer, which is why I haven't spent the money. Mostly because I figured it wouldn't play out that well trying to play dumb on that.

A very calm and nonchalant NAB told Clare they'd be in touch to sort it all within three business days, seemingly very chill for a company that just threw millions of dollars at someone

Clare shared an image of her bank balance following the gaff and joked about leaving the country:

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