Woman calls off wedding after finding her fiancé complaining about the cost of her wedding dress online

Louis Staples
Thursday 16 January 2020 17:15

A man’s post on Reddit complaining about his fianceé's dream wedding dress has got him into a lot of trouble.

The saga begins with a man lamenting the fact that his partner has spent so much on her dress.

He wrote:

Am I the a-hole for telling my fiancee [a 27-year-old female] her wedding dress choice is way too extravagant and suggesting alternatives?

Then he started complaining about how he’s much better with money than his one-time bride-to-be, writing:

"We are getting married in July of this year, the venue is booked and the wedding is pretty much sorted.

Emma has been researching dresses and has a little scrap book of lots of dresses she likes for ideas but is now looking to buy.

All that's left to get is the bridesmaid dresses and her wedding dress.

We jointly put aside 10k each for the wedding, everything is paid and we have 6k left over which i think could go towards the honeymoon on top of the honeymoon fund we already had.

We aren't the extravagant type at all, then comes the time for Emma to pick her dress. I know everything is more expensive when it has the term wedding attached to it what i wasn't expecting was an $950 dress plus $120 veil!"

He then says that his outfit is free, unlike his “diva” fiancée.

"I'm using my dad's old tux he used for his wedding to my mom, just had it taken in a little, Emma can't use her mum's dress as her and her mum both say the style hasn't aged well which is fair.

I had a quick Google around at dresses online and there were so many! And so many just like the one Emma wants for like $50 to $100.

I'm not trying to get her to cheap out on her dress but she will literally wear it once, one dress for over $1000 is just insane that would fund our honeymoon .

I tried to show her some dresses i found on a recommended app called Wish and others on websites but she was having none of it.

She is very slender but apparently wants it specially fitted?"

Josh argues that it's not exactly her money because it'll become his money as soon as they are married.

"It turned nasty unfortunately because i said i refuse to drop such a large amount of money on a dress and she argued that she is using her own money for the dress.

Which isn't strictly true as we ate about to marry and our finances will be joined.

Then her mom had to get involved, they offered to pay for the dress but it's not a case of not being able to afford it.

It's a dress! there are identical one's online at a fraction of the cost.

I thought she would be ecstatic to learn there are identical dresses for a fraction of the cost but she was really angry and upset."

Finally, he asked the internet if he’s the a-hole.

"Is there something I am seriously missing because after we argued about the dress Emma has been extremely cold towards me.

Then yesterday she said if i want her to cheap out on her wedding dress on her wedding day that she needs to really consider if we are a good match for marriage.

I'm blown away that she would say that over a dress, I told her she's like a toddler throwing a tantrum over a sparkly toy she can't have, that was a mistake as she left to stay with her parent's, who called to tell me I am much more than an a**hole."

The internet responded with a resounding: "YES! You are the a-hole!"

But the story doesn’t end here.

Josh later posted to say that Emma had called off the wedding after she discovered the Reddit thread about her.

Apparently, he used his real name and his phone PIN number: *face palms*.

It just goes to show, that if you don’t want to get dumped, don’t be an a-hole on the internet.

And if you absolutely must, then at least have the sense to change your name.

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