Woman accidentally writes ‘My Dad’s house’ as her driver’s licence address

Mimi Launder
Wednesday 22 November 2017 09:30
Picture:(Twitter / @evepaterson_)

We all do silly stuff without thinking sometimes.

But 18-year-old Eve Paterson from Inverclyde has taken this phenomenon to the next level, declaring "my dads house" as her official address.

Paterson tweeted about the mishap - and understandably it quickly went viral.

Picture: Twitter / @evepaterson_(Twitter / @evepaterson_)

Others shared their own documentation difficulties.

The bigger question is how this somehow got accepted by the DVLA.

A DVLA spokesperson said, according to The Sun:

House names can be a matter of personal choice and we certainly see a very wide variety on the 11 million licences we issue each year, ranging from the unsurprising to the unusual!

If Eve returns the licence to us – with the correct house name – we’ll issue her with a replacement.

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