Bosses secretly reveal the worst interviews they've ever seen

Harriet Marsden@harriet1marsden
Monday 10 April 2017 11:30
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Everybody has their 'worst job interview' horror stories.

Tube delays? Impossible questions? Pigeon defecation? We've heard it all before.

But have you ever wondered what it's like for the bosses sitting on the other side of the table, watching your train wreck self?

Of course, somebody on Reddit asked the question.

These are some of the best responses...

Mum's the word

This 19-year-old [...]  brought his mother into the interview with him. I politely questioned his mother as to the reasoning of her joining in on the interview and I was told: 'I'm just making sure this is the right company for him and making sure you're asking fair questions.'

[...] I asked my first question...she answered for him. I politely explained that the interviews I conduct are with the candidate only unless special accommodations are required. I was told, 'I'm not going anywhere'.

I thanked them both for coming out and explained that the position requires problem solving and critical thinking on an individual level.

Unless I am hiring the both of them under one salary working together as a 'full time equivalent', this wouldn't work. I was then told I would be sued and to f*** myself.

- coffeebeards

I had an interviewee ask if her mom could come to work with her.

Not if I can hire her mom, but if her mom could tag along so she doesn't get bored while she is working for me.

- TotallyLikeWhatever

American Psycho

I think the one that takes the cake was the graphic designer that brought in his portfolio of paintings depicting women getting murdered in various gruesome ways.

He proceeded to tell us how fascinated he was with murder.

We walked in pairs to our cars for a while after that.

- metrognome64


Had a girl sit across from me put her elbow on my desk then rested her head flat on her hand so that her head was now sideways. She stayed that way through the entire interview.

Another time I asked a guy if he had any special skills, he replied 'Keepin' it real with y'all'

- klitchell

Shots. Fired.

When my dad was going through applications, in the 'reason for leaving last job' part, a man wrote that he had shot his previous boss in the head.

His PO had told him to be honest.

- MoXY_Jellyfish

Old dogs, new tricks

I asked a guy when would he be available to begin work if offered the position...his response was that he would have to put down his dogs in order to begin work as soon as possible but was willing to do that to get the job.

We called him almost immediately after the interview to tell him he wasn't selected and hopefully save his dogs lives.

- dtrain1234

Kids today...

Kid was in high school. Put down his friends as references. And had to fill out the application twice because the first time he screwed up.

Me: What made you apply?

Kid: Well....umm....all my friends work here so I don't think it would really be like a job to me. More like kickin' it with the homies.

Me: Would your friends being employed here get in the way of you working?

Kid: Maybe. I mean our Auto Class teacher makes all of us split up in class and we can't work together.

- HoneyBadgerPanda

Student becomes the master

'Why did you want to become a teacher?'

Guy cries and spends ten minutes telling us all about how he was bullied at school.

- Brummiediv

Malibu Barbie

I get this girl who came in for an interview [...]  and inquired as to whether she was looking for seasonal or long-term.

In the most stereotypical Valley-Girl voice I've ever heard she replied, 'Well, I basically got in trouble for bad grades and staying out too late, and my parents are making me pay for my own car insurance this month.'

That was it. She just stared at me expecting her to hire her on the spot.

I did not do that. I do still wonder if she ever got a job that helped her pay her car insurance for that month, though.

- ​team0bliterate

And this, the stuff of legends...

They texted me the next week asking if they had gotten the job.

This would have been fine if not for the fact that they never actually showed up to the interview.

- broganisms

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