MP hopeful in Canada dropped after video emerges of him peeing in a mug

Rob Gillies
Tuesday 08 September 2015 09:30

A Toronto businessman who had been running for parliament with Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper's party made the wrong kind of splash and is out of the race after being caught on video urinating into a coffee cup.

The CBC television channel used hidden cameras in 2012 to record Jerry Bance peeing into the cup and pouring it down the sink while he was working as a plumber.

Subsequently, Mr Bance had been running in a Toronto district but a Conservative Party spokesman said yesterday: "Mr Bance is no longer a candidate," adding that he had not been entirely truthful in the candidate screening process.

Mr Bance said in a statement he "deeply regrets" the incident and it doesn't reflect who he is as person or professional.

The Opposition New Democrat leader, Tom Mulcair, did not miss a chance to mock Mr Bance and the Conservatives. "He must be someone who is adept at Stephen Harper's trickle-down theory of economics," Mr Mulcair said.

In other news from Toronto:

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