You do not want to see this video of a sea turtle's throat turned inside out

Louis Dor
Wednesday 09 March 2016 18:00

Warning: The below article is gruesome 100 per cent nightmare fuel

Have you ever wondered what a sea turtle's throat looks like?

Of course you haven't, unless we should be worried about you.

If you're curious though, there is a gif below which turns a loggerhead sea turtle's oesophagus inside out.

Here's a safe-for-life preview:

Fair warning, it is gruesome and nightmarish.

Scroll down if you dare...

OK. You scrolled.


The image was posted to the appropriately named 'creepy' subreddit, which is how the gif came to prominence to horrify the internet.

The spikes in the throat are called papillae and are used to keep food down while the turtle spits out any water it swallowed.

This was explained by Laura Castanon, who had posted the original video to instagram while dissecting a dead turtle, of which she took more photos.

The necropsy took place at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, a nonprofit organisation dedicated to the study of marine science.

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