11 of the most brilliant swear words from around the world

Sunday 21 August 2016 12:20

This article is obviously NSFW

Yet to go on your summer holiday? You'll be sure to impress (we use the term imaginatively) locals if you manage to work any of these into conversation...

1. German: Törtchenfriedhof!

You cake graveyard (fat person).

2. Japanese: Kisama!

This is a very rude way of saying 'you', apparently.

3. Mandarin: Guītóu!

Turtle's head (penis).

4. Arabic: Ayreh feek

'My penis in you.'

5. Amharic: Silbabot!

'You are the fatty layer on my warm milk', ie, I have no use for you.

6. Yoruba: Iya e! (with hand gesture of splayed fingers)

Literally 'your mum' - but the gesture means you're challenging someone to a fight.

7. Argentinian Spanish: Che boludo!

'Hey ballsack!'

8. Italian: Che cazzo!

Translates as 'what the cock!'

9. Tamil: Mulai kann!

Literally 'breast eye', ie nipple

10. Swedish: Skitstövel!

'Shit boot' (asshole).

11. Russian: Blin!

Kind of means 'umm', kind of means 'whore', kind of means 'pancake'. Use it as you wish.

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