A Victoria's Secret model has revealed what she eats in a day - and it's actually quite surprising

Saturday 03 September 2016 12:40

Far from just rocking up on a catwalk every now and then and being really, really, really ridiculously good-looking, supermodelling is a 24/7 job.

Having to stay in stick-thin shape must involve having a brutal fitness regime as well as a diet consisting mostly of kale.

At least that's what you'd think... but Elsa Hosk, a lingerie model for Victoria's Secret, discussed her diet with Style Caster and it sounds, well, pretty normal.

Although she admits she doesn't snack very often, Hosk did the start the day with a fry up and finished off it off with fried cheese and potato salad.


  • Eggs and bacon.


  • Mozzarella and tomato panini with lentil soup.


  • Fried cheese, chicken skewers with rice pilaf, and potato, cucumber, feta salad.

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