All the media sexism Nicola Sturgeon has faced since the leaders' debate

According to the Daily Mail, Nicola Sturgeon is the "most dangerous woman in Britain".

Since surging into the public consciousness after the first televised leaders' debate, the SNP leader has faced a string of sexist articles, some of which we've highlighted below.


The Sun photoshopped Sturgeon's face on to Miley Cyrus and put her in a tartan bikini.

Speaking about the mocked up image, Sturgeon said: “That’s sexist, there’s no doubt about it."


They also portrayed her as a 'MiliBond' girl in one of their cartoons.


The Daily Mail decided that she was "living proof women become sexier with age, income and office".

This is a real article.


They also featured this cartoon.


The Mail Online ignored her politics altogether in favour of how she dresses. First, they analysed Sturgeon's"radical transformation":


Then they debated the colour of her dress.


Even The Times ran an article commenting on her clothing.

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