Barack Obama called himself a feminist and people on the internet had the worst response

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Thursday 16 June 2016 16:40

Ignorance reigns supreme, and the internet is fertile ground for it to breed even further.

On Tuesday, Barack Obama spoke at the first ever White House summit on the United State of Women where his wife Michelle was also to speak, and he said the following, to deafening applause:

I know you’re really here to see Michelle, or Oprah… I cannot compete with them, but I did want to stop by and make something very clear: I may be a little greyer than I was eight years ago but this is what a feminist looks like.

Obama's proud declaration in support of feminism should be a joyous moment for Americans.

But clearly not for all of them.

Cue the trolls:

Despite the unfortunate ignorance, the vast majority of the internet reacted like this:

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