Big news: Prince George is still a baby and people are still unable to cope

Dina Rickman@dinarickman
Sunday 14 December 2014 10:30

Prince George is back.

As you would expect from a child, he has grown - and as you would expect for Prince George, people simply cannot cope.

Vanity Fair basically freaked out.

It cannot be overstated.

Elle said the new pictures were "heart-meltingly" cute.

That's right, heart-meltingly.

The Sun couldn't even use real words

The Express were so over-excited they overlooked this slightly unfortunate headline/picture juxtaposition on their front page.

The Mirror, meanwhile, offered this insight into George's inner life.

George looks like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth as he smiles for the camera wearing a smart white shirt and ceremonial guard knit, his hair in a neat side parting. But the gleam in his eyes gives away his cheeky high spirits.

And the Sunday Times (£) had this to say:

The final word on the matter...

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