Britain's 'best looking couple' have instantly become a meme

Jessica Brown@Jessica_E_Brown
Tuesday 29 November 2016 16:15
Picture:(Melissa Tansley/Facebook)

It isn’t rare for the Daily Mail to conjure strong reactions from people. But rather than angry comments, this story has inspired a string of rather entertaining memes.

"Is THIS Britain’s best looking couple?" the paper’s Femail asked on Twitter this week:

The couple in question are 21-year-old Mel Tansley and 29-year-old James Ferguson, both part-time models from Essex. The article states:

A glamorous duo have taken centre stage on the catwalk for a fitness competition after they claim that they often get stopped in the street for being ridiculously good looking.

The couple, who are now engaged, work out seven days per week, fake tan, whiten their teeth, and shape their eyebrows together so they're always prepared for the catwalk.

Twitter has responded:

Some of the suggestions weren't actually too far off...

So maybe some suggestions were a little bit off...

But this one has to be the winner:

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