Children ‘bullied out of school’ because their mother is on OnlyFans

Charlie Duffield
Wednesday 03 March 2021 16:14

Parents launched a campaign to kick her three kids out of the school when they discovered her OnlyFans account

(TikTok / mrs.poindexter)

A Northern Californian mother of three says parents at her children’s school bullied her because of her popular OnlyFans account, where the 44-year-old shares candid photos and videos, captured by her husband.

Tiffany Poindexter, aka Crystal Jackson, is known as “Mrs. Poindexter” on the OnlyFans platform, and says her account draws in approximately $150,000 a month - something which other parents aren’t happy about.

According to theNew York Post, Poindexter said a group of dismissive parents launched a “campaign to get her three kids kicked out of the school when her account was discovered last summer.”

She said: “Some women from my area actually printed out pictures I posted on my OnlyFans and mailed them to the principal of my children’s school.

“We were called a load of names; apparently it was ‘disturbing, disgusting, horrifying’ and ‘my children should be kicked out!’”

Other parents sent different photos via print-outs and text messages, which she also found out about.

Poindexter did say that school principal decided not to get involved, but she has continued to run the account and believes the campaign against her is simply due to jealousy.

However, according to an email that was obtained byCBS13 on 23rd February, that their children were no longer welcome at the Sacred Heart Parish school. The email reportedly said, “Your apparent quest for high profile controversy in support of your adult website is in direct conflict with what we hope to impart to our students.”

Her husband Chris Poindexter told the Post: “I reckon most of the husbands have taken a look at Tiffany’s account.

“Maybe that’s why these women have such an issue with us.”

She is quoted by Yahoo as saying, “In the year 2021, here we are, trying to bring a woman down for her choices and what she does with her husband. It’s body shaming and bullying all encompassed into one and it’s such a double standard and disturbing.”

According to a report from the Sun, Poindexter says she and her husband started taking a few photos for Reddit as a support mechanism.

Typically, she poses in lingerie while doing “regular mum activities” like cooking or cleaning. 

She said: “I felt pretty unsexy when I went through early menopause.

“One of the things we tried to make our marriage more exciting was posting a picture of me in a bikini on Reddit.

“It was Chris’ idea, and it became so popular that all these people started asking for more - so we set up an OnlyFans, and I just blew up.”

They started the OnlyFans in September 2019, with no thought of the current success.

“It’s something we just completely fell into, we had no idea how successful it would become. It was a sexy secret between me and my husband, that was so exciting and fun.”

Yet she claims she was removed as the 2nd grade ‘room mother’ due to complaints, adding: “I was taken aback by this, as the implications are offensive as much as they are ironic, and it does make me sad.”

Despite such negativity, the couple continues to work on Poindexter’s OnlyFans and their children still attend the school.

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