Danny Dyer weighs in on the Donald Trump anti-Muslim controversy, speaks for the nation

Evan Bartlett@ev_bartlett
Thursday 10 December 2015 16:00

If you have been anywhere near the internet, a television, a newspaper or radio in the past few days, you are probably aware of the controversy-bot that appears to have taken over Donald Trump's brain.

In a further amplification of his assault against Islam, the Republican presidential frontrunner took to Twitter on Thursday to claim that Britain has a "massive Muslim problem" and praised the work of a certain Daily Mail columnist who shares his fictional worldview.

Trump's tweet follows increasing calls for him to be banned from the UK following his suggestion that London and other cities in the country have neighbourhoods that police are "too afraid" to go into because they have become "so radicalised".

While almost everything Trump has said this week has been completely discredited by pretty much everyone the world over, there was one man we were yet to hear from:

Known for his hyper-cockney Twitter outbursts, weird James Bond voiceovers and his role as "Mick" in EastEnders, Danny Dyer, Britain's everyman, spoke out against Trump's nonsense in the most Danny Dyer way possible:

i100.co.uk has contacted Mr Trump for comment. Yes, really.

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